How is Leave Me Alone different from other services like Unroll.me?

When we scan your inbox we NEVER sell any of your data for marketing (it's been reported that Unroll.me do this, you can read about it in The New York Times).

We unsubscribe you instantly from the lists and don't move them to trash or apply any labels. Those subscriptions are gone forever, even if you decide to stop using our service.

How can you tell which emails are subscriptions?

We never read the content of any of your emails but we do have access to some metadata - information about an email which you don't usually see.

This metadata contains information on how to unsubscribe from the mailing list which we can use.

How do you unsubscribe me from emails?

If there's an unsubscribe link provided we follow it and unsubscribe you.

If the sender didn't provide a link then we send an email on your behalf using a unique address which identifies your subscription.

If the provider obeys the rules then this should work, and you'll now be unsubscribed.

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Why is Leave Me Alone not free?

Leave Me Alone is a paid service (so that you know we don't need to sell your data to keep afloat), but we've tried to keep our pricing as fair and affordable as possible.

Emails we scan on your behalf are streamed directly to you and not stored by our system. This means you can be sure we will never exploit your data in order to keep our lights on.

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What mail providers do you support?

We support all Google and Microsoft email accounts including Gmail, G Suite, Googlemail, Outlook, Office 365, Live, Hotmail, and MSN.

We also support all email accounts with Fastmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL, and all other mailboxes that work with IMAP.

Let us know which services you'd like us to integrate with and we'll add it to our roadmap.

Which mail folders do you scan?

We scan all of your mail including the trash and spam!

We'll let you know if an email was seen in your trash or spam folder.

What information can you access about me?

We require permission to view your email messages and settings so we can identify subscription emails and display them to you.

Read more about security at Leave Me Alone

Can I delete my account?

Of course!

You can deactivate your account in your account settings. This will delete all of your data, revoke your API keys, and sign you out.

You will still be able to create an account again to clean your inbox in the future.

Can I re-subscribe to mailing lists?

Sorry, we can't subscribe you to a mailing list you have unsubscribed from. You'd need to visit the website and subscribe again manually.

Can I get help from a real person?

Yes! We are personally available to answer any questions or help you get setup. You can chat with us, send us an email, or find us on Twitter.

Want to know more?

Check out how it works, read about our security, and find out more about us and our mission.

Still have questions? Get in touch.

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